TwentyFour/24 presentation

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The Helping, Educating and Lifeline Project (H.E.L.P)

Toni - disabilities

Reece - substance misues

Jonny - young carers

Steph - family illness

Chloe - family Issues

Chris - Depression in youth

Ashleigh - teenage suicide

Beau - Mental Health

NEW ** Various video blogs


Welcome to our website We started this website as a group of volunteers working on a volunteering programme called 24/24. During some of the stuff we were doing we discovered that all of us had faced some kind of issue in our lives and although there was some good websites around sometimes it was hard to find information that we needed to get help!!! The idea for our own website was born. 27/24 springboard

"Aye its canny good idea like...its quick, easy and covers issues all young people gan through"
Stevie 21 years old
"It's good that...I would use it
Ryan 15 years old
"I wish I had something like this to help me when I was going through stuff"
Mark  18 years old

stuff for profs
stuff for parents
stuff for 11-15
stuff for 16-24
coming soon
coming soon
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